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Cedar Siding Installation

What is Cedar Siding?

Cedar shingle siding is a very popular siding option for homeowners across the country. This beautiful and high quality siding material is made from native red or white trees. Many homeowners choose cedar siding because of the aesthetic appeal that will really improve curb appeal. If you are a homeowner trying to determine which siding option is best for your home, below is a list of benefits of cedar siding. American Construction also installs vinyl, James Hardie board, and aluminum siding. Learn more about each of those siding materials as well by clicking here.

Benefits of Cedar Siding 

  • Variety- A significant benefit of cedar siding is that it has a wide variety of finishes and looks that can be chosen from. Cedar siding can be left original for a natural wood look, but it can also be painted any desired color or finished. If you decide to have your cedar siding painted or finished, you may need to maintain it every few years to keep it looking fresh and new. Cedar siding is also offered in many different patterns, including rough cut, beveled, grooved, and more! 
  • Beauty- One of the main advantages of cedar siding is the beautiful natural look it brings to your home. Homeowners that want a warm, homey, rustic, or natural aesthetic can achieve this will cedar shingles. Because of the many styles and color options of cedar shingles, homeowners can choose the ideal shingle option for their homes.
  • Environmentally Friendly- Another appealing advantage of cedar siding is that it is environmentally friendly compared to many of the other siding materials. Wood is a natural insulator that helps homes have better temperature control and ultimately lower the cost of energy bills throughout the year. The wood is also biodegradable if it hasn’t been treated with preservatives. 

Cedar Siding Installation in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

If cedar siding seems like the perfect siding option for your home, please contact American Construction. Our team has expertise in the installation of all kinds of siding materials, including cedar siding throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Request a free estimate or contact us today to learn more! 

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Cedar wood shingle siding