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James Hardieboard Siding

What is James Hardie Board Siding?

James Hardie, one of the top siding manufacturers in the industry, designed a fiber cement siding that is able to withstand extreme weather conditions, pests, fire, and water. Hardie Board siding is so strong because it is made from a combination of concrete and plant fiber which allows it to have a lifespan of 50 years. Hardie Board siding is an excellent investment for a home that has grown in popularity throughout the country due to its durability and aesthetic. This siding is available in many different popular options that can elevate the appearance of a home, including concrete, stone, and brick.

Benefits of James Hardie Board Siding

  • Durable- One of the most significant benefits of Hardie Board siding that makes it so popular for homes is its durability. This siding is designed to be resistant to harsh elements and time. Hardie Board is water resistant, fire resistant, pest resistant, and resistant against different weather conditions without cracking, warping or breaking. All of this makes Hardie Board ideal for areas in any climate.
  • Low Maintenance- Another benefit of Hardie Board is it is very low maintenance, if not maintenance free! The design is made out of high-quality fiber cement and paint that ensures that it won’t fade over time, contrary to many other siding options such as cedar shingle or wood siding.
  • Energy Efficient- In addition to all of the benefits listed above, Hardie Board siding can also lower energy bills in a home. Because of the high quality and strong materials of fiber cement, it is an excellent insulator.

Call a James Hardie Preferred Contractor

Hardie Board siding is very hard to install with many things that can go wrong throughout the installation process. This is why it is so important for it to be installed by professional certified James Hardie Preferred contractors. American Constructions is that preferred contractor. Our Hardie board siding experts have years of experience installing siding for homeowners throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

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