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The Best Professional Roof Repair Service Contractor in Cherry Hill NJ

With over 25 years as roofing contractors serving Cherry Hill and the NJ area, American Construction is unrivaled in the quality of service we give to our clients. Our team of professional roofers are dedicated to provide you with the best service possible when it comes to any roofing or roof repair project.

Recognized and certified by various consumer organizations, American Construction built its reputation on solid foundations of experience and expertise. For us, there is no home and building project too large or too little for the sake of our clients and their families.

That is why American Construction is partners with CertainTeed, the global leader when it comes to quality building materials, to ensure that whatever it is that we build for our clients will last a lifetime. As an CertainTeed 5 Star Contractor, we went through their tough standards of quality control, proving that not only do we know how to use their products, but we can bring out the best in them for our customers in every project.

That is why we at American Construction do not hesitate to provide a lifetime guarantee on our labor and service materials for our clients.

Check out our customer feedbacks on consumer platforms such as Yelp, Home Advisor, and Guild Quality and see the satisfaction we give our clients with our services.

And if you ever want to try us out for yourself, you can book a consult and quote from us, totally free of charge. We can prepare a custom plan for whatever home project you may have, fit for your needs and budget: designed and executed to exceed your expectations.

Keeping the Top of Your Home in Top Condition

In the same sense that prevention is better than a cure, maintaining your roof is a better and much less expensive way of protecting your home and keeping it in top condition. Addressing minor problems immediately will prevent the situation from snowballing into something more serious.

For example, patching a few loose shingles will be easier and take less time than allowing the damage to spread to the point of needing to replace your whole roof. In terms of money, regular maintenance can save you the thousands of dollars needed in total replacement. More importantly, you and your family will be saved from the disruption and hassle that will come from more extensive repair and construction jobs.

Here are some of the common problems that our team of professional roofers can help you in terms of repair.

Water damage

Be it liquid, snow, or frost; water can cause a lot of damage to your roof and your home. Usually caused by leaks, water can into your roof and the decking underneath. This causes them to become waterlogged and prone to rot. Water collecting in these dark places may also promote mold and fungal growth, which is dangerous not only for your home’s structural integrity, but your family’s health as well.

We at American Construction can help you with prevent water from ruining your home. Our roofers have extensive experience in anything related to water when it comes to your roof and your home. using quality construction materials, we can make it so that your house is watertight and leak-free.


As time passes, some parts of your roof, such as shingles, may become misshapen. This is usually caused by their constant expansion and contraction with changing temperatures. When this happens, some parts of your roof may become bare and exposed to the elements, forming a weak spot where even more serious damage may take place.

Not to worry, as roofing Cherry Hill NJ experts, we can patch up your roof with replacement shingles in no time. Depending on the severity of the situation, our skilled crews can be up your roof and fix it in a matter of hours, leaving behind a roof looking good as new with no trace of it being damaged at all.


As opposed to leaks which are sometimes visible, a hole in the roof is just there in plain sight. They are usually made by a number of factors such as animals, debris, or a person walking on the roof. To put it simply, punctures are an eyesore at best; and a threat for future complications at worst.

As roofing professionals, patching up holes is our bread and butter. Aside from that, we can also check if there’s any hidden damage cause by the hole in your roof and fix them too.

Faulty Installation

Let’s face it: whether be it you or the home’s previous owner’s decision, there are times that the quality of work is slipshod. As a result, complications arise and the service life of your roof and its fixtures are shortened considerably.

That won’t be a problem that you’ll have from us at American Construction. In fact, we guarantee that you’ll have no complaints with our work at all. We make sure that each and every job you’ll have for us will be done with expert craftsmanship, with no corners cut and compromises made. Your satisfaction is our primary mission.

For your roofing and home improvement needs, we at American Construction are ready and wiling to serve you. Visit us at 6 Firethorne Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, or call us at (844) 677-6776. You may even leave us a message and ask for a site inspection and estimate for free.