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GAF Roof Shingles Review

As a reliable contractor for the New Jersey area, we make sure that the products that we use in replacing many roof shingles match the quality of our work. We have been serving Cherry Hill and NJ for years and we make it a priority that your roofs are built to last.

One of the products that we highly recommend to our customers is roof shingles that are proudly made by GAF. There are great reasons why we also chose them as you read below.

About the Manufacturer

To give you a little background, they are one of the largest roofing and waterproofing businesses in the world. As what their slogan says, “We Protect What Matters Most.”—their products are built to last, and they have been in the industry for over a century.

It’s no question as to why we also prefer using their roof shingle products. They have an excellent reputation in the construction industry and that alone is enough for us also to recommend this company and the products that they offer.

GAF Roof Shingle Features

GAF roof shingles stand out from the other brands out there because of their StainGuard Plus and GAF Time-Release technology.

One of the problematic things that we encounter in our roofs is the formation of Gloeocapsa magma (blue-green algae) that spreads through the roofs leaving black stains that are hard to remove. GAF has carefully studied this problem and has since then created their roofs with StainGuard Plus to prevent the formation of this annoying algae. With this feature present, your roofs will definitely last longer than the other roof shingle brands that are out on the market today.

GAF Roof Shingle Styles

GAF offers roof shingles in various architectural styles. The variety of its products give more choices for home or business to choose the right roof shingles that fit the aesthetics of any house or building. We have listed down some notable ones and you will be able to get these in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Below shows the list of their roof shingles:

Each series mentioned in the list has a variety of colors to choose from, great value for money, provides excellent protection with its Advanced Protection Shingle Technology, and gives makes your roof stand out with great depth and dimension.


If you are tired of replacing your roof now and then due to its questionable quality, it’s about time that you get roof shingles made by GAF today. It’s advanced features as well as its variety of styles and color, will assure you that it’s worth every dollar you’ve spent.

If ever you’re replacing your roof very soon, reach out to us the soonest. We make sure your roof is restored and guaranteed to last long for many more years.