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Woodland Shingles Review

With all these modern looking style of shingles, sometimes we miss the natural and simple looking wooden roofs. GAF understands this quite a lot and we are happy to know that they have the Woodland shingles available for those who want to have these kinds of aesthetics and will definitely last you a lifetime!

In this review, we will give you all the needed information you need to help you choose which Woodland shingles are best for your home.

About GAF

GAF is one of the largest roofing and waterproofing businesses in the world. As what their slogan says, “We Protect What Matters Most.”—their products are built to last, and they have been in the industry for over a century.

American Construction is proud enough to be one of the official contractors using GAF’s products. They have an excellent reputation in the construction industry and that alone is enough for us also to recommend this company and the products that they offer.

What We Love

The Woodland shingles by GAF are one of those roof shingles that our past clients choose because it gives their roof a wooden European style. This is definitely ideal for those who want to preserve the old look of a house which would still be of great resale value if ever you decide to let your house go in the future. We also recommend these roof shingles for houses that have been passed down from one family generation to another and wanted to keep the whole look and in great condition.

Like all of the roof shingles that are manufactured by GAF, they are carefully made with the finest materials and designed in Artisan-crafted shapes combined with oversized tabs to give out a sophisticated beauty that is unique from all the other roof shingles out there. They also have a custom color palette which means that the colors are carefully formulated to give out that natural wooden appeal to your roof and to your home.

We have went through some of colors or blends of the Woodland shingles and here are the following choices:

Castlewood Gray – If you are a fan of European castle roofs, then the Castlewood Gray is definitely a top choice for your home.

Cedarwood Abbey – Get a unique blend of gray and light brown together in one roof shingle with these this blend that is called Cedarwood Abbey.

Mountain Sage – Looking for a dark smoke kind of blend for your roof? Then then Mountain Sage is for you!

Tuscan Sunset – Preserve your old home and give if a natural and fresh appearance when you get the Tuscan Sunset blend.

Woodberry Brown – A unique kind of wooden brown color that are fit for homes that have lasted for many generations.

Important Roof Shingle Purchase Reminders

You must take time to select the right roof shingles because:

  • Not all shingles would last a lifetime. Nothing lasts forever even in your roofs. Usually, they can last around 30 years if properly placed and maintained. However, due to sudden weather changes, they won’t even last to even 20 years. You must select roof shingles that are durable and purely made by the roof experts.
  • Roof Replacement is Costly. We will not deny that roof replacement can cost you a lot of money. Although these cases can be covered by insurance, they usually take time, and sometimes they don’t have coverage at all.
  • It’s Not Easy to Place Them. Although there are highly trained roof-replacement professionals in the New Jersey area, replacing your entire roof takes a lot of time and effort. Such mistakes like the wrong color or style of your roof should be avoided and should take more time to plan out before the replacement process begins.
  • There will always be a wide selection of Shingles to select. What we love about shingles is that there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you’re aiming for a traditional or classy house; there is always the right shingles that would fit the theme of your home or office.

Reminders Before Buying Roof Shingles

When you have finally decided on what kind of roof shingles that you want to get for your home or office, here are some essential reminders before purchasing.

Ask for a Quote. American Construction offers a free quote on its roof replacement services. Be sure to reach out to them first and tell them the specific roof shingles you want to have.

Check the Product. There are growing knock-offs of popular brands these days, and even roof shingles aren’t exempted from this. If ever you’ll be buying the shingles by yourself, it’s recommended that you double-check on the project. Make sure the official logos and other essential indicators are present in the product.

You don’t need to stress out on this, however, because our roof experts can get the real products for you and set it up on your home.

Make sure you finalize on the color you want. Be sure you have finally decided on which color you want to pick. When in doubt, you may ask for the second opinion from friends or from the contractors on what is best.

Replace your roof the soonest.  The important thing here is that roof replacement should not be delayed no matter what. Set an immediate date for the roof replacement and get it going. Do not delay this as the weather is very unpredictable.

If you want to know more information about the Woodland roof shingles, you may check it out here. Also, if ever you require assistance for your roof, call American Construction today.