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Owens Corning Berkshire Reviews

There is no question to why until now, Owens Corning remains to be one of the most reliable and credible roofing and construction manufacturing companies in the country. What we really love about them is that they know their different kinds of clients, which are very evident in their line-up of various roof shingles that are available on the market today. The Berkshire roof shingles are perfect for those who are seeking for a simple and natural look for the roofs of their homes.

The Owens Corning Berkshire roof shingles are laminated shingles that feature large 8-3/8” x 8 ½” tab with unique shadow lines behind the tabs that add to the awesome look of dimension. With its thickness, proportion, and various natural slate color selections, these are the only top-of-the-line roof shingles you ever need.

Those who are getting the Owens Corning Berkshire will definitely say that this is worth a buy because it has a 10-year StreakGuard technology, has wind resistance up to 60 MPH or 70 KMH, and has a limited 25-year warranty.

Important Reminder on Roof Warranty: If you will be purchasing any of Owens Corning’s products and under their System warranties, make sure to remind us to register them for the warranty. American Constructions aims to make sure to give our clients a hassle-free experience on roof repair, roof replacement, or any services that we offer.

We went through some of the Berkshire shingles, and here are some things that are available for you to choose and purchase:

Canterbury Black – Get the right balance of black that is not too dark or too light for your roof. The simple color of the Berkshire Canterbury Black definitely goes well with any kind of home aesthetics. Regardless of how many floors, how big, or how wide it is.

Colonial – The colonial Berkshire roof shingles are unique because it has a blend of light brown, gray, and green in one. If you are looking for light nature-looking colors, then this one is definitely for you.

Concord – The Concord Berkshire roof shingles have a blend that is quite similar to Colonial. Its difference however is that it has more pigments of brownish red which gives that most and brick kind of aesthetic. If this is what you are looking for, then this roof shingle is definitely for you!

Manchester Gray – The Manchester Gray roof shingles are ideal for those are looking for more grey to go well with their home. Simple, yet very formal. This is highly recommended if you are looking for a roof that are easy to the eyes if you are looking near or far.

Sherwood Beige – If you are looking for a mossy-kind of look for your roof, then the Sherwood Beige is highly recommended. It has the right blend of dark green, light green, and some pigments of red and brown.


Important Roof Shingle Purchase Reminders

You must take time to select the right roof shingles because:

  • Not all shingles would last a lifetime. Nothing lasts forever even in your roofs. Usually, they can last around 30 years if properly placed and maintained. However, due to sudden weather changes, they won’t even last to even 20 years. You must select roof shingles that are durable and purely made by the roof experts.
  • Roof Replacement is Costly. We will not deny that roof replacement can cost you a lot of money. Although these cases can be covered by insurance, they usually take time, and sometimes they don’t have coverage at all.
  • It’s Not Easy to Place Them. Although there are highly trained roof-replacement professionals in the New Jersey area, replacing your entire roof takes a lot of time and effort. Such mistakes like the wrong color or style of your roof should be avoided and should take more time to plan out before the replacement process begins.
  • There will always be a wide selection of Shingles to select. What we love about shingles is that there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you’re aiming for a traditional or classy house; there is always the right shingles that would fit the theme of your home or office.

Reminders Before Buying Roof Shingles

When you have finally decided on what kind of roof shingles that you want to get for your home or office, here are some essential reminders before purchasing.

Ask for a Quote. American Construction offers a free quote on its roof replacement services. Be sure to reach out to them first and tell them the specific roof shingles you want to have.

Check the Product. There are growing knock-offs of popular brands these days, and even roof shingles aren’t exempted from this. If ever you’ll be buying the shingles by yourself, it’s recommended that you double-check on the project. Make sure the official logos and other essential indicators are present in the product.

You don’t need to stress out on this, however, because our roof experts can get the real products for you and set it up on your home.

Make sure you finalize on the color you want. Be sure you have finally decided on which color you want to pick. When in doubt, you may ask for the second opinion from friends or from the contractors on what is best.

Replace your roof the soonest.  The important thing here is that roof replacement should not be delayed no matter what. Set an immediate date for the roof replacement and get it going. Do not delay this as the weather is very unpredictable.

If you want to know more information about the Oakridge roof shingles, you may check it out here. Also, if ever you require assistance for your roof, call American Construction today.