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Owens Corning Duration Premium Cool Review

Just who doesn’t want to be cool? In all honesty, what we usually recommend to our clients when they choose the right roof shingles for their home or commercial building is choosing cool colors or get roof shingles that would keep your home, office, business cool, and comfortable, especially during the summer months.

In this cool review (no pun intended,) we are giving you our thoughts on what we think with the Owens Corning Duration Premium Cool.

What We Love

American Construction aims to make sure only to use the best products created and designed by the country’s top manufacturers in the roofing and construction industries. As a proud contractor of Owens Corning products, we always and strictly recommend the Duration Premium Cool for those who are looking or aiming to have an energy-efficient roof.

The benefits of having an energy-efficient roof are that you the roof offers proper heat or cold temperatures, there is no need for you to put the fan or heater on in full. You not only save energy, but you also save money in the process.

The Duration Premium Cool roof shingles are made to high-quality, and they are Energy Star rated. That said, a roof shingle that has this rating means that the shingles help you make your home or office more comfortable and energy-efficient every time. What makes this different from other shingles is that they reflect solar energy; this is because of the granules on the shingles that help bounce the sun rays. This decreases the amount of heat that’s being transferred inside your home and the number of air conditions needed to keep you and your family comfortable 24/7.

As said, it is a COOL roof shingle with SureNail technology and tested to withstand winds up to 130 MPH / 209 KMH. These roof shingles also come with a limited lifetime warranty. As for price range, they have the same scale as the TruDefinition Flex, which we have also reviewed.

We went through the following shingles that are available in this line-up, and here they are:

Frosted Oak – Give your roof a cool light brown color by selecting the frosted oak roof shingles.

Harbor Fog – If you want your roof to this unique gray aesthetic, then you should choose the harbor fog roof shingle. Similar to the roof’s unique features, its color is very comfortable to look at.

Sage – Sometimes, the gray colors can be either too dark or too light. However, the sage color has the right balance of gray that you are looking for.

Sunrise – The shades of the sunrise every morning is shown in this lovely roof shingle design. If you are looking for those shades of light brown, dark brown, grey, and a bit of orange, the sunrise design is definitely for you.

If you want to know more information about the Premium Cool roof shingles, you may check it out here. Also, if ever you require assistance for your roof, call American Construction today.