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TAMKO Roof Shingles Review

We understand how important it has the right shingles to place in your home or office building. We do it without delays, no buts, and no ifs. One of the reliable products we highly recommend to our customers is the TAMKO Roof Shingles. We have replaced a lot of roofs in the Cherry Hill and New Jersey with their products. We have done this review to give you a little background on why it’s part of our highly recommended roof shingle products.

About the Manufacturer

TAMKO (also known as TAMKO Building Products LLC)  has been in the industry for over 75 years offering the New Jersey area with high-quality roof shingles and various roof accessories.

Their roof shingles stand out for us because they have a lot of styles and colors to choose from. Your house or office will appear fresh and lively when you replace your old roof shingles with ones made by TAMKO.


TAMKO is similar to other leading roof shingle manufacturers out there as their products feature fiberglass mat bases, which are saturated with asphalt. Each shingle that you buy from them is made with fused layers, which proves how much they put effort into the quality of their product. They are also coated with granules that offer excellent resistance to harmful UV rays.

Over the years, the company has been updating their shingles and continuously continue their research on how to improve their products to makes sure that they withstand the harshest weather conditions, strong winds, and other factors like mold and dust accumulation.

For the benefit of those who are having trouble visualizing what the shingles will look like when applied on the roof, they have an online Interactive Roof Visualizer that would guide you in which color and style fit for you. This is also essential especially if you are communicating with a reliable contractor to help make this into a reality.

Our Recommended TAMKO Roof Shingles

As a way to help you, which roof shingles are best for your home or office building, here are some of our recommended TAMKO Shingles.

Choose from either steel or asphalt type of roof shingle, and you may then proceed to choose from various colors from its sets. Their asphalt shingles line-up compose of Heritage, Heritage Premium, Heritage IR, Heritage Woodgate, Heritage Vintage, and Elite Glass-Seal. Under their steel shingles, you can choose from MetalWorks StoneCrest Slate, MetalWorks StoneCrest Tile, and MetalWorks AstonWood.


Without a doubt, TAMKO roof shingles are 100% quality giving you 100% satisfaction. Giving you long-lasting roofs and let your home stand out from the rest. If you feel like replacing your old and worn out roof shingles, you know who to call. Don’t forget that you should only purchase the legit products from the manufacturer or your local contractor so that you wouldn’t be scammed on your money. Feel free to reach out to us as we are available 24/7 to replace your roof when it is needed.