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Owens Corning Window Reviews

Windows are also one of the most important parts of any home. At American Construction, we take priority of making sure the windows we place in your home are manufactured by one of our trusted window manufacturers in the country.

Selecting the best windows for either your home or office in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a top priority not just to make your home look fancy, but also to protect you from various weather changes.

We have carefully picked a simple list of some of our recommended windows that we think would be good selections if ever you will be replacing them soon. If ever you have selected one from one of our choices, don’t buy them yourself. Just reach out to us and we will do all the work for you.

About Owens Corning

This section includes our review of windows manufactured by Owens Corning. They are one of the leaders and the best manufacturers in the fiberglass, insulation, and roofing industry. Their products are notable not only to conserve energy usage in the home, but also to improve sound acoustics, and offer stronger fire resistance. They have been serving the public, especially the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area for 65 years, and they will continue to give you the best products that would fit the theme and look of the house that you currently have or to construct.

Of course, we love Owens Corning due to the dedication and quality they put into every window, roof shingle, and other construction materials they offer. The company is also a proud member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Climate Leaders program, which means the company is also dedicated to making sure that each of their window products is made of recycled materials.

Warranty and Quality

Like its other products that we use for either repairs or replacements, the quality of Owens Corning’s window products is not a disappointment. They are durable and built to last. Lastly, they are also very environment-friendly. The dedicated not just to the creation of their products but also for the environment as well. We still have a lot of good things that we want to share about their products but let’s greatly summarize it in two things: great company and excellent products!

Of course like any other credible company, they offer warranty of their products which guaran

List of Windows by Owens Corning


Here are some of our recommended windows:

Innovision Windows

Innovision XL

Innovision XLPlus

Innovision Max

Innovision MaxPlus


Getting the best windows for your home is not easy. However, we are confident that when you decide to get the Owens Corning windows, you are sure to get not only the best and durable windows that would last for a long time but also windows that would match the whole design of your home.

Our goal is to make sure that you get what’s best for your home or business. You are sure not to be disappointed with your windows when you select the ones by Owens Corning.