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Owens Corning Innovision Max Window Reviews

When it comes to our window replacement services in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area, we always make it a priority to highly recommend windows manufactured by Owens Corning. Serving the public with its high-quality products built to last for years.

In this review, we will be taking a look at the Owens Corning Innovision Max Windows and why this is one of the windows that we highly suggest to our clientele in either residential, office, or business. We hope that this will be very useful most especially if you have no clue about which window to choose.

About Owens Corning

For the benefit of those who don’t know about the manufacturer, Owens Corning has been one of the leaders of the window, roof, and construction industry for 65 years. They are the experts in their craft, making sure that you have the best products for your home, office, or business building that improve the sound acoustics on the inside as well as offer excellent fire resistance.

In the case of their windows, they are all carefully made and dedicated to being energy-efficient and are for any home style and theme that you want.

About Innovision Max Windows

The innovision Max windows are the type of windows is that is one level better than the Innovision XL Windows (in which we previously reviewed). If you are looking for complete total protection from harsh sunlight rays and other kinds of weather conditions, then these kinds of windows are for you.

We usually recommend these to homes who are looking for windows that give total protection to massive heat exposures, especially during the summer months. This is considered as one of Owens Corning’s highest-performance package of windows that has HM88, which is an advanced low-emissivity and solar-reflective film.

The Innovision Max Windows comes in a package of one LowE3663™ pane and one clear glass pane that is surrounding the HM88. You will have also get to either choose the standard argon or the optional krypton glass for the two insulating spaces.

What We Think About It

In all honesty, the summer heat can be very problematic especially in this case, when every year, the weather tends to be very unpredictable. So instead of just spending an ordinary window for your home, you deserve something better and durable. The Innovision Max windows are a great choice. The windows are thick and dedicated to protecting you from the harsh rays plus they are built to last longer than other window brands that are currently out of the market today.

Although this cost a bit more compared to the previous Innovision windows, you can be assured that your spending on these is worth it.


Too much sunlight is not right for you, and you shouldn’t stress yourself out on these situations especially when you’re inside the home with your family. Get the ideal sun protection every day by getting the Owens Corning Innovision Max windows. If you are interested in getting this for your window replacement, contact American Construction today for an appointment and free quote.