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Owens Corning Innovision MaxPlus Review

American Construction continues to provide the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area with the best window replacement services that you can’t find anywhere else. Since we are very dedicated to what we do, we wanted to feature some of the products that we use in either our repair or replacement services to give our clientele the freedom to choose the materials that they wish to that are just right on the budget.

In this review, we will be looking at the Owens Corning Innovision MaxPlus windows, which is one of the best windows that we can offer to you if you’re looking for one of the toughest windows out there.

About Owens Corning

Owens Corning has been one of our reliable and trustworthy manufacturers of all things roofing, windows, and other construction-related materials. They are one of the leaders in the industry manufacturing quality products for 65 years and ongoing. Their products are dedicated to last for many years with excellent warranties, offering peace of mind for every clientele.

About Innovision MaxPlus Windows

The Owens Corning Innovision MaxPlus windows are one step higher and better than the Innovision Max windows. If you’re curious about what we think about it, you may check out our review here. What makes this different from the other Innovision windows is the fact that that is thicker and dedicated to protecting you and your family from all day sun exposures.

The Innovision MaxPlus windows come in a package that has two LowE3663™ panes that surround the HM88 “Heat Mirror™” film. You also have the choice to select either the standard argon or the krypton gas for the insulating space. Getting these windows also give you 1 inch of insulated glass and inert gases to provide you with excellent thermal performance as well as outside sound reduction.

What We Think About It

Of all the Owens Corning Windows that we reviewed, this is a bit costly. However, its features like all-day sun protection and better outside noise reduction, this is an excellent deal for windows. No matter what kind of window design or house theme that you’re aiming for, these kinds of windows will blend in.

Sunlight can be very harsh at times especially when it hits you in the eyes or hit your skin even for just a few seconds. If you choose the Innovision MaxPlus windows, we’re confident that you wouldn’t worry about these kinds of things again. Like the Innovision Max windows, are thicker which means that build to last for many more years.


The perfect home is peaceful, comfortable, and stress-free. Having the Innovision MaxPlus windows will cut off the problems that you encountered previously in using ordinary windows from other manufacturers. Owens Corning has put a lot of effort into this line of windows making sure that all you will no longer have to deal with these kinds of problems every day. If ever you have finally decided on getting these windows, contact us today for an appointment and free quote.