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Owens Corning Innovision XL Window Review


Owens Corning has been our top and recommended manufacturer when it comes to roofs, windows, and related materials needed to make the perfect home. American Construction aims to make sure our clientele in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area, gets the best products attached to their homes making sure they last longer for many years to come.

In this review, we will be taking a look at Owens Corning Innovision XL Windows and why it’s different from among the rest. We hope that in a way this helps you choose which type of window you want for your home and office.

About Owens Corning

For those who are very new to the world of house and construction, you might have or might not have heard about Owens Corning. They are one of the leaders and the best manufacturers of all things made of fiberglass, roofing, and insulation. Their products have been praised by both customers and contractors around the country because their products are energy-efficient, improve sound acoustics, and offer stronger fire resistance. Serving the country (especially in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area) for 65 years and will continue to give you the best products that are essential needs for the interior and exterior of your house, office, or business.

About Innovision XL Windows

The Innovision XL Windows are the right windows to go for if you want the minimal sun to go inside your home. This is the standard window of Owens Corning’s Innovision Windows line which has LowE3663™* glass, filled with argon gas. They also have an optional package that includes LowE3663™ glass with krypton gas.

What We Think About It

If you’re looking for something simple, standard, yet very durable windows, we would highly recommend this one. Of course, like the rest of its products, the Innovision XL Windows comes with a warranty. You may visit their website for more information. What we like about these windows compared to competitors is it is so energy efficient. This is perfect for those who want to have enough sunlight in their homes that are just right to give the inside a pleasant glow. It also has a proprietary slime-line design that provides maximum glass area. They are guaranteed to meet your expectations and will look great for your home.

If you’re worried about your windows deteriorating during the harsh weather seasons, you do not even need to worry as the Innovision XL Windows can withstand any climate all-year-round due to its very tough fiberglass material.


If you’re looking for windows but, on the budget, the Owens Corning Innovision XL windows are for you. Guaranteed to last long and will surely give your home enough sunlight that would save you on energy consumption. If this is the windows that you are looking for, we are happy to provide this to you when you plan to replace your windows soon. It’s time to make that house makeover soon—contact American Construction today for an appointment and free quote.