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Simonton Windows Casement Window Reviews

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In this review, we will be taking a look at the Casement Windows by Simonton Windows. This is the fourth entry of our Simonton Window reviews, and we hope that this will help you find the most ideal window for the whole theme of your home.

About Simonton Windows

As one of the leaders of the window industry since 1946, Simonton Windows was established by father and son Fred and Sybil Simonton and was first called Pen Vent Awing. The company was then rebranded to Simonton Windows in 1981 as they offer better quality and energy-efficient windows in the country. I

This is why it is no question why American Construction much trusts Simonton Windows for all your window needs.

About Simonton Casement Windows

The Simonton Casement Windows are the perfect windows for those hard to reach areas of your home. They can be easily opened with cranks that go outwards to either the left or right. This window is a must for those who want open views and full ventilation. They are also very energy efficient and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions all year round.

You can choose from the following exterior colors for these windows: Brick, Bronze, Chocolate, Cream, Driftwood, Pine, Tan, and White. For interior colors, you can choose from Antique Cherry, Driftwood, Maple, Oak, Tan, and White. For hardware finishes, you can select from the following: Dark Bronze, Driftwood, Nickel, Oil-rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, Tan, and White.

For the grid styles, you can select from 1” sculptured, 3/4” sculptured, 3/4″ sculptured – Brass, 5/8” Flat, Colonial, Double Prairie, Prairie, and Victorian (Flat Style), Double Perimeter, and Dual Perimeter.

What We Think About It

There are some particular areas of your home that are very hard to reach in sunlight. You must make sure that every perimeter of your home should have at least a window or two so that you wouldn’t have to spend on much on electricity to light up the area, or have unnecessary stuff like mold forming due to a lack of sunlight in one particular spot.  Having casement windows will solve the problem for these limited areas as you can open or close them from either the inside or outside. As always, Simonton Windows also offer a variety of designs and colors for you to select that would best fit your home theme.


It’s time to bring in more sunlight in those hard to reach areas by having casement windows by Simonton Windows. You are sure to get the best windows that dedicated to give you more sunshine and can stand even the harshest weather conditions all year round.

If ever you feel like replacing your windows to something better (like the one on this review), call American Construction today to schedule an appointment and free quote.