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Simonton Windows Double Hung Window Reviews

It has never been a hassle for us to recommend the best windows that best fit the aesthetics of a house. American Construction continues to give the top-most quality of service when it comes to window repair and replacement services in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area.

In this review, we will be taking a look at the Simonton Double Hung Windows. We will carefully give you all the details of this window type, and we hope this review will help you decide which color and finish that you want in your windows.

About Simonton Windows

To give you an idea about the manufacturer, Simonton Windows has a long history that started in 1946. The company was established by father and son Fred and Sybil Simonton. It was first named Pen Vent Awing which they prioritized in producing high-quality exterior aluminum products. It was then rebranded to Simonton Windows in 1981.

About Simonton Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows are considered as one of the most common windows to have and one of the basic ones to get in a home. The Simonton Double Hung windows are the most popular and one of Simonton Window’s best sellers. Many homeowners prefer these windows because they are easy to clean because of their inward tilting sash. You can open it by lowering the top or raising the bottom sash.

The exterior colors of the Double Hung Windows come with the following: Brick, Bronze, Chocolate, Cream, Driftwood, Pine, Tan, and White. The interior color usually goes with the following: Antique Cherry, Driftwood, Maple, Oak, Tan, and White. You can also choose from these hardware finishes as well: Dark Bronze, Driftwood, Nickel, Oil-rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, Tan, and White.

In the case of grid style and patterns, you can choose from: 1” sculptured, 3/4” sculptured, 3/4″ sculptured – Brass, 5/8” Flat, Colonial, Diamond (Flat Style), Double Perimeter, Double Prairie, Perimeter, Prairie, and Victorian (Flat Style).

Simonton Windows also have custom Double Hung window sizes that would fit your needs. If you are interested in getting custom ones, feel free to reach out to us.

What We Think About It

When we think basic, then this window is the way to go. What we also love about the Simonton Double Hung Windows is that is they have a lot of color and designs to choose from. There is one perfect window for you and you can find it here in the Simonton Double Hung Windows.


The Simonton Double Hung Windows are one of the most straightforward windows to have in a home especially if you are looking for the kind of windows that are just right. They are not too detailed and not too plain. They are just right for those who seek energy-efficient and beautiful windows making your home comfortable to say and give only the proper sunlight for you and your family.

If you are very interested in having these kinds of windows, call American Construction today for an appointment and free quote.