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Simonton Windows Slider Window Reviews

American Construction has been serving the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area for years, and we continue to give the best roof and window replacement and repair services that you can’t find anywhere else.

In this review, we will be taking a look at the Simonton Slider Windows. This is the third review entry of our Simonton Window reviews and we hope that this will be proved useful, especially when you will be replacing your windows into something better in the future. Read on as we give the details and what we love about this window.

About Simonton Windows

Simonton Windows has been one of the leaders of the window industry since 1946. The company was established by father and son Fred and Sybil Simonton and was first called Pen Vent Awing. In 1981, the rebranded to Simonton Windows offering quality and energy-efficient windows for all states. They are also one of the most trusted brands by many contractors in the country.

About Simonton Slider Windows

The Simonton Slider Windows are ideal for those who are looking for windows that are easy to open and can slide horizontally from side to side. Left or right, it doesn’t matter—you can push to whichever side you like.  They come in two types that you can choose: the 2-lite slider and the 3-lite slider. The 2-lite slider has two sliding sashes, while the 3-lite slider has two sliding sashes on each side of a fixed picture window.

You can choose from the following exterior colors for these windows: Brick, Bronze, Chocolate, Cream, Driftwood, Pine, Tan, and White. For interior colors, you can choose from Driftwood, Tan, and White. For hardware finishes, you can select from the following: Dark Bronze, Driftwood, Nickel, Oil-rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, Tan, and White.

For the grid styles, you can select from 1” sculptured, 3/4” sculptured, 3/4″ sculptured – Brass, 5/8” Flat, Colonial, Diamond (Flat Style), Double Perimeter, Double Prairie, Perimeter, Prairie, and Victorian (Flat Style).

What We Think About It

If you love a window that is wide and can give you more view on the outside, then we highly recommend the side windows. Unlike the ordinary windows from other brands, the windows tend to stuck halfway and you may need to have more effort in moving them from slider from side to side. Simonton Windows seems to understand this and they have carefully manufactured the windows to be very easy to open and close to your liking. Aside from this, the windows also have a variety of designs to choose from as well. You are sure to find the windows that fit the aesthetics of your home.


We love these kinds of windows as it’s something very unique to have for your home. If you’re also looking for wider windows, then the Slider Windows from Simonton Windows is our top recommendation.

If you are very interested in having these kinds of windows soon, call American Construction today for an appointment and free quote.