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American Construction is a family owned and operated contractor in Cherry Hill NJ, specializing in high quality, high energy efficiency windows. At American Construction, we use only EnergyStar Certified windows. All of our windows come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We always stand behind our products and craftsmanship.

EnergyStar Certified Windows

In order to become an EnergyStar Certified window, the windows must go through a rigorous series of tests. These tests check the quality and energy efficiency of the windows. A person’s home is their largest investment. You owe it to yourself to purchase windows that keep your home and valuables protected.

All of our windows contain multiple panes of glass. The glass is the first defense against the elements. In between the glass panes, our windows have argon gas. Argon gas is colorless and odorless. Argon gas is a better insulator than air.

All of our windows contain a low emissivity coating (Low-E). This coating goes on the glass panes and allows the panes to reflect infrared light. Reflecting infrared light keeps the heat in your home during the winter and it keeps hot sunlight out in the summer. Not only does Low-E impact the temperature of your home, it keeps your furniture and window coverings from fading.


100% Quality Guaranteed

EnergyStar Certified windows will save homeowners money on their utilities, improve the comfort of their home and increase the home’s resale value. Some professionals estimate new windows can improve the resale value of a home by more than 15%.

At American Construction, we have the best professional carpenters doing all of our window installations. Our professional installation team is supervised by our expert Project Managers who oversee every installation for all our window installations, Roofing and Siding jobs.

From start to finish, American Construction is fully committed to providing a high-quality product at a fair price. Give us a call and allow us to earn your business.